You’re a high level creative or entrepreneur ready to take your business, project, body of work, or vision to the next level.

You’re finding yourself in a frustrating financial and/or creative pattern that is distracting you from experiencing better opportunities, financial growth, and creative expansion.

You know you have something more to share, you sense it deeply, except it almost feels like an invisible force pulling you back.

What is it?

You are not afraid.

You know how to take action.

You are willing to do whatever it takes to uncover and move through that which comes between you and your next action, insight, idea.

Because it will lead you to exactly where you desire to go.

Which is why it calls for something else.

A different approach.

The work I do with my clients is intense and deeply transformational.

It requires getting really specific and vulnerable.

I spent years with meditation, mindset (thought based), hypnotherapy, some NLP and, despite experiencing some important shifts, I still knew I was not touching down to  that which was causing me to hold back from my bigger ideas and end the frustrating financial cycles I was experiencing.

Income plateaus. Fear around investing. Over working. Fear to truly actualize my vision.

I wasn’t addressing the deeper emotional resistances that affect your decision making and create finer fears you rarely detect on your own. They are embedded in your subconscious programming and link to the autonomic nervous system, the body.

You’re ready to take your work in the world to the next level, and you’re also ready to make more money, while dissolving long term fears and stress so you can show up with more vitality, confidence, charisma, and ease.

You’re tired of playing guessing games around your money which directly affect your relationships and creative ideas because money connects to love, self-esteem, and security.

You’re an artist, creative, innovator, thinker, visionary and you’re ready to experience more.

More energy, joy, pleasure, confidence, clarity, and magnetism.

This is not for you if:

You’re not willing to go deep, meaning addressing very specific and intimate details about your life and past.

You are looking for a quick fix

You’re suffering a mental health disorder or actively in crisis

(I say this with love, this work is intense and powerful)

To change your programming both mentally and emotionally around money is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself and your life.

When you do, you will experience a whole new level of energy, insight, confidence as you release years of shame and guilt while actualizing long forgotten desires.

New possibility is born.

Below are the areas I address around $$$ 

All programs are customized to the client’s singular needs and vision.

The Money Pathway

Let go of euphemisms for money like prosperity and abundance and get at the real shapes money takes on in your life.  Uncover the 5 categories money falls into and start to understand the emotions and programming attached to each that keeps holding you back. Step-by-step AHA moments give you a complete and far reaching overview of every aspect and block in your money picture through the 5 kinds of money. Uncovering, diagnosing and even measuring your biggest inner money blocks give you the power and consciousness to really change.

Comes with downloadable handout to capture your pathway and complete step-by-step tapping script to continue clearing the blocks you uncover during the diagnosis process.

The First Money Paradigm

Free yourself to start earning more money, eliminating debt, and creating wealth.

You will see and clear the deepest layer of how and why you limit and sabotage your income.  Then in the second part of the process, called "The Downside of Wealth", you will uncover and clear the reasons you create debt and/or sabotage your savings.

Clearing Financial & Goal “Trauma"

The Financial Trauma Process will all you to reclaim your self-belief, self-trust, and confidence and release a massive amount of energy and drive toward your new goals that people around you will take note.  You will uncover and clear a most massive source of negative energy, shame, self-recrimination, and self-doubt.

The Goal Trauma Process will allow you to experience a big change you can feel inside your energy and drive to go toward your new goals.  It will free you from a heavy dark cloud that has been hanging over your head for a very long time and open up your true, embodied passion and deeper desire for your dreams.

Outrageous Goals

Start making strides and see bigger results in your income quickly! You will be more focused and enthusiastic in marketing yourself and charging.

First, you will uncover and clear the first layer of limiting beliefs around earning more money so that you open to bigger ideas and taking inspired action,

Then you will uncover and clear the next deeper level of what creates procrastination and usually stops you from doing the very things that would create more money.

Clearing the Vows to Be Invisible and Perfect

You will open up more excitement, confidence, and willingness to be seen and market yourself boldly. By shining the light on your own brilliance and amazingness more brightly, you step on the pathway to truly earn more!

The next process of clearing the vow to be perfect leads to "striving, never arriving" will free you to be truly yourself: more open & more real, to feel more in your life and be more felt by others.

The process also creates dramatic shifts in your relationships with family and at work.

Highest Energy of Giving/Creating/Receiving

Clear your energy and consciousness to earn (receive!) and create money in alignment with highest, joyful, win-win vibration.  An eye opening process that will reveal the biggest conflicts and "hidden agendas" in your inner value, worth and unconscious motivation to achieve and self-sabotage and allow you to align your actions and your goals with your true, heart based intentions.