…including the “unacceptable” and “inappropriate” parts of you.

The sexy, creative, hilarious, ridiculous, absurd, childish, “broken” orphaned parts of you.

Are you hiding them away?

It’s not about being perfect.

It’s about hiding less, apologizing less, being your more magnetic, expressive, and valuable self.

I used to always feel like I lived a double life between who I really was and the one that showed up to whatever job I had at the time

I was hyper aware of the compromise. And being aware of it didn’t really help much.

I started to live in extremes.

In fact, it made me harder on myself. Why couldn’t I do something about it?!

And then the fixation would begin because I wanted to find a solution, an exit.

I was too weird.
Too expressive.
Too intense.
Too much.

…that’s what I believed and I tucked it away.

I trained myself well to keep things private.

…it was safer that way.

And maybe you’re feeling that way in your business right now.

You might subtly tone down what you wear
Or rethink what you’re going to say
Or reconsider how you’re going to say it

And the same is true with the work you create.

Are you creating only what you think will be accepted
Something you were taught.
Something you believe will sell

You might second-guess your program
Your price
Your most desirable client or collaborator

These are the subtle ways it shows up

But it can be simple

But many of us were taught that if anything is worth achieving, it has to be complex.

Not fun

Why is this?

We each have our set of rules that we hold within us.

With lots of conditions.

I can finally receive $_________ when_________
I can finally receive love when _______
I can finally love and adore myself when ___________
I can finally create _______ when _____________

And maybe you’ve bought a bunch of books or programs that have outlined all the “problems” that are causing you NOT to receive what you want

Or how to be “better”

You might have started stacking all your shortcomings.

But the truth is that you only need to change your consciousness, your paradigm to begin.

There is a very active program running the show which is distorting your perspective.

It disrupts your energetic frequency so you’re unable to
connect to your creative signature and fully get behind the bigger and bolder actions that lead to financial leaps.

You may be carrying a lot of judgement and rejection against those “unacceptable” parts of you which carry a tremendous amount of energy and charismatic gold

You are dynamic, wild, and imaginative.

This is what leads to the original and inimitable work that is meant to only come from you.

This is when you connect and claim the higher value of your work — 2x and 3x your prices and receive it.

Because you know how you deliver results

That’s when communicating your work in your singular way is simple, powerful, and fluid

Except you may not be able to see it

This is what it truly means to be your authentic self, no resistance

…beyond your mind and body, I mean the energy that rises through the system

Passionate. Charismatic. Magnetic. Attractive.

These are what lead to courage and bold action.

Finally work with people you love and are right for you so your work is appreciated and valued

Finally create the work that integrates all parts of you — your knowledge, your gifts, your experiences, your energy so showing up in any context is easy and you stand out

Finally receive the $$$ you deserve without the struggle so you can sustain your business and your creative ideas

Finally give yourself the emotional and creative freedom to actualize your vision with less stress so you can always follow through on the decision you most wish to make.

This is how my clients have booked full pay $9k and $10k clients in the last 3 weeks.

Because they were really clear on what their work was, how they specifically get results for their clients, and how to communicate and show up while standing out

Which allows them to always command what they want.

If this speaks to you click the link and sign up for a

Creative Breakthrough Session with me


You are a driven creative visionary or entrepreneur who has powerful work

And maybe you are sensing that you are holding back

….well, actually, you know you are.

You are ready to pull the trigger on your bigger ideas, except you feel as though you are still lacking some clarity, whether mentally and/or energetically.

Which is very normal, especially as you continue to develop, shift, or expand your work

…in business, a body of work, projects, programs.

You know it’s time to get more intimate with yourself and your ideas.

Understanding both your fears and your desires.

So you can finally claim the higher value of what you offer and start confidently communicating and showing up to support them.

When I work with my clients, it’s important to know where my clients are, right now.

And it’s important to get really specific because that way I can identify exactly what is holding them back.

No guessing games or figuring it out. I don’t use vague concepts or archetypes.

It’s personalized to my clients needs.

That can feel challenging for many people

Except often times there are very active resistances that are present which manipulate your energy and you perspective.

It can affect the decisions you make, the work you create (or not), and the money you receive.

My programs work through the lens of money because it is measurable and specific and allows me to directly address any resistances my clients may be experiencing in relationship to their powerful creative work.

We also go into your ideas/business/work to see where you are not fully honoring the full potential of what you offer — both creatively and monetarily.

below are the areas I address around $$$….all programs are customized to the client’s unique pathway.

The Money Pathway

Let go of euphemisms for money like prosperity and abundance and get at the real shapes money takes on in your life.  Uncover the 5 categories money falls into and start to understand the emotions and programming attached to each that keeps holding you back. Step-by-step AHA moments give you a complete and far reaching overview of every aspect and block in your money picture through the 5 kinds of money. Uncovering, diagnosing and even measuring your biggest inner money blocks give you the power and consciousness to really change.

Comes with downloadable handout to capture your pathway and complete step-by-step tapping script to continue clearing the blocks you uncover during the diagnosis process.

The First Money Paradigm

Free yourself to start earning more money, eliminating debt, and creating wealth.

You will see and clear the deepest layer of how and why you limit and sabotage your income.  Then in the second part of the process, called "The Downside of Wealth", you will uncover and clear the reasons you create debt and/or sabotage your savings.

Clearing Financial & Goal “Trauma"

The Financial Trauma Process will all you to reclaim your self-belief, self-trust, and confidence and release a massive amount of energy and drive toward your new goals that people around you will take note.  You will uncover and clear a most massive source of negative energy, shame, self-recrimination, and self-doubt.

The Goal Trauma Process will allow you to experience a big change you can feel inside your energy and drive to go toward your new goals.  It will free you from a heavy dark cloud that has been hanging over your head for a very long time and open up your true, embodied passion and deeper desire for your dreams.

Outrageous Goals

Start making strides and see bigger results in your income quickly! You will be more focused and enthusiastic in marketing yourself and charging.

First, you will uncover and clear the first layer of limiting beliefs around earning more money so that you open to bigger ideas and taking inspired action,

Then you will uncover and clear the next deeper level of what creates procrastination and usually stops you from doing the very things that would create more money.

Clearing the Vows to Be Invisible and Perfect

You will open up more excitement, confidence, and willingness to be seen and market yourself boldly. By shining the light on your own brilliance and amazingness more brightly, you step on the pathway to truly earn more!

The next process of clearing the vow to be perfect leads to "striving, never arriving" will free you to be truly yourself: more open & more real, to feel more in your life and be more felt by others.

The process also creates dramatic shifts in your relationships with family and at work.

Highest Energy of Giving/Creating/Receiving

Clear your energy and consciousness to earn (receive!) and create money in alignment with highest, joyful, win-win vibration.  An eye opening process that will reveal the biggest conflicts and "hidden agendas" in your inner value, worth and unconscious motivation to achieve and self-sabotage and allow you to align your actions and your goals with your true, heart based intentions.