We are in the final stretch of 2016…perhaps planning the holidays, shopping, preparing,…dare I say, stressing….some of you may already have the first month of the new year planned!

But I want to take a moment to ask a very important question because it often gets overlooked and it’s extremely important, especially when it comes to active months like December.

Do you celebrate your wins?….no, seriously…I’m talking everyday.

Or only when you have a BIG reason like ….close a big deal and make a lot of money or you “achieve” something — the “right” recognition, the job, a degree…you see where I am going here….something on the “bigger” end of things.

Believe it or not, this may still be one of my biggest challenges… that is celebrating all the wins — especially the little ones because they so easily get missed.…here’s why.

You see, when you tell yourself, “I will celebrate when…..” you are sending your subconscious mind a bad message that you can’t receive until you do that “huge” thing and meanwhile the whole journey to the finish line becomes one arduous CHECKLIST.

You see, your subconscious has no idea what the difference is between the “big” thing and the “so what” thing. What it does pay attention to is how you respond.

If you get in the habit of celebrating the small wins — “Woohoo, I sent that email to my client!” or “Yes, I mailed off the bill I needed to pay” along with the big ones, your subconscious mind looks for more things to celebrate which elevates your energy,your gratitude, and your awareness.

We have what I call the inner POLICE MAN in our head which is constantly telling us “I have to do this..” and “I have to do that…” and it can become a very self-punishing operation happening in our head. Does this really help us?…

Most of us went to schools where we were graded for our assignments and tests…and when we missed an answer, it was often brought to our attention with a mark or bold circle. This taught us to focus on what is NOT right rather than focusing on the wins! This puts us in a frame of mind that only when it’s perfect or the best, we can actually celebrate….for some, that can lead to a striving never arriving cycle.

When you forget to celebrate the small wins, you risk falling into robot mode, checking off the “to do” list which ultimately leads to feelings of disenchantment. And all the things you accomplish ALL THE TIME just slip into the void and create that nagging voice of “Never enough, I should do more…”

You might feel weird in the beginning but this is a big one. Be aware of what you do every day and celebrate it !…Do an awkward happy dance.. snap out of yourself for a moment….Ok, maybe you don’t want anyone to see but you understand what I mean — ACKNOWLEDGE IT!  Try it for the next couple weeks and see what a difference it makes in your mood, your stress level, your awareness.

We do a lot in our lives.  Honor yourself.

It’s important to acknowledge ALL the things you do, ESPECIALLY the everyday things …”Yeah, I fed my son” …”Whatever, I took my dog for a walk” “I did my laundry, so?”…..Yes… ALL. OF. IT.

Celebrating ALL your wins is a huge and often overlooked practice for creating higher vibration, more momentum, and greater confidence… which always leads to more clarity, more opportunities, more ideas, more brilliance…..and money.

How do you celebrate your wins — the “big” and the “small”?

To your success!