This indicates how worthy and deserving you are of all the money, reward, and pleasure possible?


I couldn’t believe it either until I started to look closely and realize that it was kind of true.

So now what?

If you’re anything like me, I really wanted to change that, ASAP.

You see, this inner set point acts like a rest thermostat to modulate how much you need to keep the balance at your current level of worthiness.

It doesn’t matter whether you have good self-esteem or confidence — I did, what the hell?!

The critical factor is what your range is.

When you set an intention to go from your current level to way beyond it, you must work with your worthy and deserving set point.

“Someone’s income, expenses, assets, debt, or net worth. It’s their relationship with money:

the plot and storylines of a money autobiography. A money paradigm is the secret language

of money at work: the unconscious tale you continually tell yourself about what you say

with money, what it means to you, and what money says about you. It’s a running dialogue

about how much you feel you deserve, how much you think you’re worth, and how much

you assume you’re capable of,” David Krueger, MD

If you set an outrageous goal — say to double, triple or quadruple your income

That is way above your current level, so it’s important to do inner worthiness work to match it.

Otherwise, you will find ways to sabotage your success or create some hardship with each higher level to offset the otherwise good feelings of having it.

How do you determine your set point?

Take an aerial view of your life!

You are at the exact level of how worthy and deserving you feel in each category:

• income and wealth level

• physical health

• loving and being loved

• success

• reward

• pleasure

• relaxation

You are always at your set point. Does anything feel OUT OF WHACK?!

• How hard you have to work for your money

• How much you should earn

• How much you should save

• How much relaxation time you’re allowed

• How much reward, love, and joy you’re allowed

• How much ease and pleasure in your body you are allowed

This set point determines exactly how much we get in all aspects of our life.

Try to take a moment to observe, not judge. This is information to inform you where you need to direct your attention.

We all have a set point and the good news is you can change it!

When you identify your specific money programming, that’s when you can also clear the

resistance that keep you from stepping up.



(1.5 hours) (valued at $500)

–> We will specifically identify EXACTLY what is stopping you from having the wealth you desire by focusing on your most pressing challenge (I am almost certain it’s not what you think) so you can finally have the clarity and awareness you deserve by breaking money down into 5 kinds so you know exactly how you operate around money on a mind and body level — and get to the root.

–> Identify that layer of generational programming that continues to hold you back from following through on the BIGGER decisions you (secretly) desire so you can finally know exactly what you need to focus on — NO more getting lost in the “money story” which is far too general and based on your conscious awareness.

What you need is to uncover what you don’t consciously know and can see — that’s what’s running the show.

–> A personalized blueprint (I have yet to see something so clear and specific) so you know SPECIFICALLY what to focus on and the next best steps to take in your business or vision so you no longer have to play the guessing game while you spin your wheels.



You can transform your current situation despite your results, circumstances, and past experiences, except it requires you to know what your programming is so you no longer continue to repeat your patterns.

Your success always begins in your mind. If you don’t change that, you will continue to experience the same results.

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See you on the other side

Catherine xx