Did you know that money is the highest source of stress form Americans, affecting a staggering 75% of those surveyed by the American Psychological Association?

Crazy when you think money is just paper and coins and, often times, digital numbers on a screen.

But the true source of the shape money takes in our lives is from our programming.

This is information I wish I knew a few years ago — But let’s be honest, my whole life!

I can’t tell you how passionate I feel about this work.

And what makes it radical is that very few people are talking about $$$ in this way which is crucial for creating financial wealth in a truly big and powerful way.

If anyone suffered resistance around their $$$, intense negative $$$ programming and patterns, and deep resistance to making changes to their $$$, it was me.

I was told my whole life I was intelligent and gifted but as soon as I started pursuing art, things changed.

I suddenly felt like my family started to undermine my choices, my opinions, and perspective which, quite honestly, I attributed to the fact that I did not follow the status quo or make a hefty paycheck working a corporate job.

This often led to feeling defensive about my choices, deeply critical of myself, and ultimately, lonely and unsupported.

Living in New York, I found the perception to be reaffirmed every day. The irony was how little acknowledgement was given to the courage, determination, independent spirit, and ambition of the artist, creative, or entrepreneur.

And with enough time, I found this to erode at the confidence, the vision, the passion and true power each possessed. Many dropped out, became jaded, or compromised which is the most common thing I see.

This made my blood boil and my heart ache.

The truth is, I am driven.

I believe in living the best life I can live which means doing the things I care about most, making an income doing what I enjoy, and having a work life flow.

I didn’t want to compromise by working with people who didn’t t value me or the people with whom I worked, were hierarchal and narrow minded.

I believed in hard work, being focused and creating quality work, but I also believed in being rewarded for my efforts. And that wasn’t happening, at all.

Something was off.

I knew I was taking a different (scary) path but I could not imagine a different one, either. I refused to work in the corporate world and my prime motivation was to create as much time and space to focus on my own ideas.

Truth is, I started to work crazy hours in the creative freelance world, and I often found myself intensely preoccupied with concerns around $$$ and my security.

I was disappointed that I could problem solve in so many areas of my life but not my $$$.

I was spinning my wheels.

No matter how much $$$ I had in the bank, I never felt as ease. I deliberated over every purchase, I feared raising my rates, I had very few boundaries with my clients which often led to over delivering, or taking on multiple jobs out of fear that I might miss out on $$$. I never felt good enough, and I often compromised what I really wanted.

As a result, I sacrificed time on my own work, my health, and time and leisure with my family and friends.

I even went four years without going home. I was afraid of losing jobs or clients, or somehow missing something (money) if I left the city.

I lost the plot.

It was not until I experienced my first intense panic attack in a bank, I truly realized I was NOT in control of my life. This was not the last one, either. I struggled with this for nearly a year.

This sent me on a deep journey to understand what was going on with myself, my relationship to all aspects of my life and discovering the effects of my $$$ paradigm.

What is a money paradigm?

It is the beliefs I had around money which related to my security, my self-esteem, my self-image, level of worthiness and deserving, and my inner $$$ set point that was keeping me in a financial spin cycle.

As I learned more and cleared my deeper $$$ programming, I became increasingly aware of how this affected many artists and creatives around me.

I began sharing this work with other people in my community. And as I expanded my reach online, I saw a similar challenge in the entrepreneur community.

Artists, creatives and entrepreneurs are all responsible for representing themselves along with the unique position of having to set their own income.

This creates different challenges than the employee. It requires a different and radical approach which reveals the limiting beliefs around what is truly possible in your income, how hard you have to work for your $$$, the boundaries you create around your time and energy, and making $$$ in a way that really lights you up!

$$$ isn’t everything, but it does touch everything.

I started my business as a way to guide others to eliminate their resistances to $$$. I discovered a way to solve my own problem. I shared the work with my friends followed by many other artists/creatives who learned about me. It became clear this was much bigger than just helping people change their $$$ paradigm, it was about helping people reclaim their life and a belief in themselves.

And from there, my business grew.

So much of our programming around $$$ affects the decisions and choices we make that shape other areas of our life.

When you become clear around your relationship to $$$, you can gain clarity around the life you want and expand your beliefs around what is possible, including the work you most wish to share.

This is everything.

Are you struggling with some part of your $$$ or business despite many efforts to “fix” your problem?

I’m here to say there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing you need to “fix”.

You only need to better understand how your mind and body are wired when it comes to $$$ which is the doorway to understanding your singular pathway to success.

Including how you are currently running your business.

If you have any questions, please share.

Catherine xx