Wondering why your bold actions and regular mindset work are not leading you to the next creative and financial breakthrough or shift you desire?

Or why even though you have managed to experience some changes, you may still be experiencing frustrating patterns?

The topic of creativity and money is a big one.

One that I think often gets rather glossed over.

Whether only talking about creativity in the context of sex and/or intuition.

Or money in the context of just “getting” or manifesting income results.

Both topics deserve more attention than that, don’t you think?

And it’s also why most of us are fed the same methods and approaches over and over again.

Act against your fear.

Do what scares you.

Repeat affirmations or ‘I AM’ statements until you are blue in the face.

Dance, feel your body.

Go shopping, buy what you ‘can’t’ afford. BE that person.

Go have orgasms while setting an intention.

Do these things work? Sure. And maybe even for you.

Except I’m interested in more than just the One Hit Wonder.

What about the more exquisite programming that has the greatest effect.

And what about when it comes to really addressing your specific programming. Not general.

The things stated above do not address the specific patterns that affect ALL parts of your money, including the patterns connected to each kind, and creating the best work only you were meant to create.

It still doesn’t address what I know is a more meaningful desire for you.

And that requires going deeper.

When you deepen your relationship to yourself, you also deepen your relationship to your work.

Connecting to your gifts and giving them form.

We need to talk about this more.

YOUR SINGULAR WORK is what sets you a part, NOT just your gifts.

It is also from which your message comes.

Everyone has gifts, except not everyone is using them.

I used to be the poster child for acting against my fear.

However, I was still experiencing a lot of patterns that were not changing. And with each year, it became more difficult to cope.

Turning into anxiety, eczema that used to cover my whole neck and arms, raw and chapped, and mysterious breathing problems.

Everything looked good on paper. I was a very hard worker. Responsible. Active on the social scene.

But I was a private mess.

Your subconscious programming, which relates to your deeper emotions, is 30,000 times stronger than your conscious mind. Which is why I am almost positive you are not entirely aware of all that may be working against your best efforts.

Including your best ideas and your money.

When we experience stress or trauma, a new pattern is created NOT only in the brain but also in the body, the autonomic nervous system, where you hold your power.

A lot of mindset work is fantastic, and I include it in my own work, except if you have not also identified the deeper programming that is causing your cycles of earn and burn, over working, debt, inconsistent income, creative blocks or fears, visibility inconsistencies and fears, perfectionism, the list goes on,

It is likely you will continue to experience a sense that you are not quite touching down to the true heart of the matter.

And this requires you to go beyond your thinking brain and address your energy centers, your body.

This is not woo.

It can feel lonely and deeply frustrating. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I think we all speak about being original as a badge of honor, except it can also draw up mysterious fears and subtle hold backs.

Especially for someone who is especially bright.

And as a result, it can also feel lonely at times. I think it’s important to recognize that so you can powerfully  represent yourself with the confidence your meaningful work deserves.

Over time, we build layers and layers of coping mechanisms, armor, behavior that work against our best ideas and efforts.

This is the level I desire and go with my clients.

Because my clients are powerful creatives and high level thinkers who value creating what is most needed in this world.

I believe in supporting my clients to claim the vision and space they already deserve so they, too, can do the same for other people.

That’s how it works.

Catherine xx