Have you ever felt like that? The voice calls up in your head. Sometimes it’s loud and clear telling you ALL the things you should be, do, have but you’re just NOT perfect enough, YET.

I can’t even begin to tell you how harsh mine use to be — and if you are ambitious, wanting the best for yourself and life, it’s likely you have a very big one, keeping tabs on you, not letting you slide.

The INNER CRITIC was a very persistent block I suffered for waaay too long:

>>it kept me stuck in a job I hated, working for people that abused and disrespected me and my coworkers, earning less than I wanted, scared to make a change despite being miserable.

>> It cautioned and limited me from asking for what I wanted — more money, more time, more respect, better boundaries, more adventure, more travel, more creativity, more ideas, more love, more fun, more energy — you get the idea

>> it warned me of all the things that could go wrong, might happen, better be careful, not good enough, better watch out, it will take a REALLY long time

>> it reminded me I wasn’t good enough, never would be enough, not quite ready, better train more, work harder, learn more

>>It’s too late, lost my chance, I’m not lucky — not like the rest of them who did “it”, I messed up too many times

>>And no way in hell should I even consider going for it because I have no idea HOW so it’s not meant to be

>>I can’t figure it out

Negative self-talk — INNER CRITIC — reinforces a strong connection between money and the way you see yourself in relationship to it.

Unless you do something to clear your self-criticism, thinking about money can bring up all the horrible, shameful, awful, failing feelings.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s more pleasant and productive to free your mind so that you can generate ideas and enthusiastically anticipate doubling or quadrupling your wealth and take action to make it happen.


How can that happen with so much negativity tied to money and negative emotions blocking it?

The FIGHT-or-FLIGHT emotions and the cascade of painful negative self-talk reflect what most people do —

totally avoid dealing with their money
never set goals around their income
never spend the time and energy to have full handle other finances
never try to get a full handle of their business income

Our subconscious mind sees change as dangerous, and as a result, we have the INNER CRITC to remind us WATCH OUT.

You must first be aware that it operates in super sneaky ways — showing up as procrastination, confusion, frustration, etc–

“Im so tired, suddenly.” or “I can’t seem to get it right, forget it” or “Are you sure about that, you better wait” or “You better research that again, make sure it’s right.”

The INNER CRITIC keeps us safe and stuck in a negative financial cycle –despite how much we think we want to change– it reminds us how it all went wrong, how we messed up, not perfect enough, better check again…which keeps us from making clear decisions, stepping confidently into action, and moving into our own financial power.

Until you identify and clear your negative money patterns, nothing changes.

The INNER CRITIC is an insidious force. When it calls, no one wants to answer it, but the trick is to understand how it truly operates — the unconscious actions, emotions, and experiences that bring us undesirable results and circumstances.

Catherine xx