I am going to breach a tender topic…its something that I believe we need to acknowledge if we really want to start achieving the results we want….and it might also give you a little relief.

It’s the stuff that makes you uncomfortable that holds the real answers….the REAL gold. Let’s take a look.

Do you suffer from financial trauma?

We often hear the word trauma but associate it to other things, NOT money. But trauma is also known as stress and, in some cases, very high stress because it connects to our feelings around survival.

I use to stress a good portion of the day about money — and it really didn’t matter if I was making the big bucks or not!…it was on my mind.. a lot! — “Should I buy the cheaper one even though I want that one? Maybe I shouldn’t have bought that..” to lying awake at night thinking about my future and my finances. As you can guess, this bothered me. And you know, I didn’t really ever associate it to trauma…not until I learned what trauma really is. That created a whole new clarity for me.

Look at the numbers that represent your debt or your savings, or both. Think about them. Do any memories you regret pop up into your head: a past incident, a bad decision you made, or a person who steered you in the wrong direction? Does this elicit thoughts like “ If only this hadn’t happened, I’d be much further ahead” or “My financial picture would be so much better if I had not done that or listened to them” If you can say that about anything you experienced in the past, you have had a financial trauma.

Maybe you no longer trust people who ripped you off…..

a bad business deal
betrayal in a business relationship
having something stolen from you
ugly divorce settlement
bad business decision

You get the idea….have you experienced any of these or the like? If so, you have a financial trauma and sorting it out is life changing…

No kidding, I mean it. I won’t tell you how powerful you are because you already know that, right? It’s not only amazing our capacity to change and heal…but do you know what’s really incredible? Our capacity to heal ourselves,… but it takes a desire and a willingness to look at that which is NOT comfortable, pretty and makes you feel vulnerable and NOT perfect.

You have a tremendous amount of power wanting to move forward. Get on the other side of the resistance. You have to look at the negative emotions that come up, that is the ‘block’. This may trigger you…it sure as hell triggered me..

I was angry, frustrated, tired, sad, you name it. It triggered me and that’s when I knew….I couldn’t look away anymore.

I encourage you to exercise some compassion for yourself as you consider the answers to the above questions. Give yourself space and allow yourself to honor what you’ve been through…

You are powerful.

To your light!