Here it comes….2017!

Whether you set new year’s resolution or not, most of us can agree we are preparing for the next year, considering what we want, how to improve, make things better, simpler, easier….

I know I am…and it can feel a little overwhelming at times because I still can’t quite believe how fast 2016 went by… not to mention how eventful it was — and that’s putting it lightly!

As I work with my clients, I often ask them what it is they want…a fairly simple question, right?

And most of them in one way or another mention wanting to increase their income…it’s the number one thing most people really want to do no matter how much money they are making.

And a lot of times this is what tops people’s lists of things they wish to create for the new year…in general.

The thing is, a lot of my clients come to me with a problem concerning their money and they want to fix it as soon as possible..

Of course, who wouldn’t?

And it reminds me how I use to silently wish I could conjure an extra 10k or 20k on the spot “just so I could buy a little more time”. I was tired. I just wanted a break, some space, some time to get my head around my life and organize the chaos….

Money was the answer to allow that to happen…and it certainly would do all those things.

But then I would allow my head to skip a little past that wishful thought to consider: What would happen after I received that money? What would I do then? How would I manage my time, my money, increase my income after being relieved of my current financial challenges?

I didn’t really have the answer.

I would still be afraid to ask for higher rates from my freelance clients. I would still scramble to find new freelance gigs while panicking that I would somehow lose my current jobs and not be able to pay the rent. I would still wonder how “those people” managed to live incredible lives and create opportunities while I still hesitated to invest and hoard my money as I feared the “rainy day”.

We want a lot of things to change. We want things to be different in our money (and maybe other things, too) but before we do that, we have to start with where we actually are…right now.

Not where you think you are.

What do I mean by that?

I know where I am, you might say…

This is something you will continually hear me say because it is so very important whether we are talking about money goals or goals in general.

We must understand —what we have is exactly what we are programmed to have, in other words…it is our level of awareness.

This was difficult to grasp at first… but when I considered having a certain amount of money given to me and imaging having all “my problems” swept away, I could not avoid the fact that I was not comfortable around the topic of money.

And what did I get — more discomfort.

What I was producing was what I was aware of and what the total of my energy was focused on.

Because of my lack of confidence, dis-ease, frustration, fear! around money, I was unable to really ask, receive, and really go for that different picture I so desperately wanted…this is the result I saw.

You can take your income to the next level (absolutely) but it is a matter of taking your level of awareness and changing your programming for the next level.

When we change the belief about what is possible, we will see our financial situation transform.

We are programmed to think, feel, and believe what we have. It’s simple and yet so very mysterious because a lot of it is hidden and unconscious.

I was an incredibly hard worker and yet I could not seem to receive the reward…why?

I worked my butt off and achieved a lot of my goals and yet I never felt good enough…why?

I was angry, sad, confused, frustrated about money…why?

That’s where I had to start BEFORE I could get where I wanted to go.

This is where I ACTUALLY was.

I had to start there before I got to the place I wanted to be.

You can have the income you want and even more. You already have that within you… but you must uncover that level of awareness that will allow you to see that it is possible and align yourself so you can truly achieve it…….without the pain and struggle.

Shine your light! Be powerful.