If you set New Year’s intentions, resolutions or goals… whatever you choose to focus your attention…

How is it going for you so far?

Last time, I spoke about the importance of knowing where you actually are as you set new income goals.

This is the place we can begin to examine and identify the thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with the new income goals we have set.

What needs to change? Something has to go, right? This is how it begins….

We start to make new choices, think in new ways, connect to ourselves in a stronger and empowered way. We’re not going to act, be, do the same things….we all know what that gets you.

I always say the quickest way to identify a money block is to set a high income goal — all the deterring voices will come out from the cracks of our mind. It may not be so obvious as “Hell No!” but rather a whispering doubt or a subtle numbing sensation in our body that doesn’t get fully behind that big number we write down. Or it might come in the form of excuses of why you can’t do it, NOW.

This is the inner critic.

This is where we start. Rather than fight it. Look at it.

We are human and much of our power lies in our ability to be vulnerable.

Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is the opposite of the inner critic. Vulnerability connects us to our heart and our humanness, that which reaches out and connects to the world to expand and thrive… This is power!

When we are vulnerable, we can allow that voice that says “I really want this goal, but a part of me, even if it is a tiny part, believes it might not be possible. I don’t know how to get there….I’ve never done that before.”

Isn’t that the point of setting an outrageous goal, to enter new frontiers of our life?

But you have to honor the doubt even if for just for a moment — otherwise, you will fight it. This fight shows up as procrastination, self-recrimination, sabotage, backlash…

So write your goal down on a piece of paper.

Look at it. What comes up?

I would imagine excitement first. But also allow yourself to pay close attention to all the other voices and feelings that come up.

Write it all down.

We need to be aware of the inner critic — the voice that wishes to keep us safe and exactly where we are, the known.

If we are not vigilant about recognizing this voice, it can be very destructive to our self-esteem and our ability to keep focused and inspired. When the inner critic is active, we feel defeat around what happened in the past, about our failures, our mistakes…everything that went wrong, shouldn’t have gone wrong, could have been different, better.

Now take that list and write the opposite to all the negative thoughts and feelings you wrote down.

We constantly have polarized thoughts going on in our mind. This leads to an inner conflict that gets us stuck.

I truly believe we all have the power to be wealthy. I truly mean that. This power lies within each of us. But we need to be aware of our programming that comes up around money and our goals.

You have probably heard the term “think outside the box”, but we first have to be aware of what the box is. This metaphorical box is our programming — our thoughts, feeling — ultimately our beliefs around money. Once you can really identify this programming, you can truly begin to uncover all the hidden blocks that keep you from having the financial wealth you desire.

Because you really can have it!

Happy New Year !