I just spent the weekend at an incredible event to see someone I very much admire. It was a full day intensive talking about everything related to business and A LOT on mindset. I was in heaven.

It was immersive, insightful, and powerful.

But as I listened to people share their challenges around money and mindset, the question remained for them — How do I eliminate this block? How do I change that which I see is causing me to NOT move forward.

Discussions were presented about the power of our emotions and how much more powerful they are than our thoughts when it comes to creating strong businesses and changing our current money paradigm.

The seminar was brilliant for discussing how to identify blocks, where they come from, and understanding the laws around receiving the life we truly want. Essentially, a lot of what I guide my clients to do.

BUT there was still something missing.

I was filled with a lot new insight but I recognized, once again, what so many mindset people do not address — the BODY, our nervous system — the exact thing that is referenced over and over that creates the most powerful response when it comes to our money and creating important change.

This is what is often missed.

I went up to the mic and asked my own questions as a way to learn his method for addressing the blocks. But it still seemed to stop at thought.

His answer was to write about it. I have been a life long journaler, but when it came to money, it was not enough for me to just write. I believe strongly in the power of writing and it did help around a lot of my challenges in life, but there were still a lot of beliefs that would not budge. That is until I took another approach.

Money triggers a fight-or flight response which few actually talk about. This is even more powerful than our thoughts. If we tell ourselves we are going to make an extra $1000 this week and our emotions are screaming “I’m not so sure about that” — doubt, then what we THIINK to counter it is not going to be enough to counter that strong belief. Our emotions control the vibration at which we are operating. Our fight-or-flight operates from very deep programming which affirmations alone cannot change.

This is why I use an approach to BOTH identify the specific block AND eliminate it through the use of EFT, a mind-body tool to address the fight-or-flight response.

Think this is woo woo? Our money programming affects our nervous system. Consider the last time you worried about some area of money in your life. How did you experience that in your body? Did you feel tight in your stomach, in your head or chest? Depite telling yourself everything would be ok, did you still find yourself freaking out! Or maybe you tried to tell yourself everything would be ok while your heart raced and your actions followed.

This is the response that has a great affect on how we approach each part of our money.

We must not only identify our blocks to money but also CLEAR exactly what is blocking us so we can truly reach our financial goals. This is how we can start stepping out of the “security” zone that keeps us playing small.

A lot of this does not make sense in the beginning. We often want to approach our challenges from a critical thinking mind, but so much of how we operate comes from the subconscious which is a place where logic does not exist, emotions rule, and the past is still happening! The more we understand how the subconscious operates, the better we are at transcending our blocks and reaching our financial goals.

To your success!