We’re going through challenging times.

All around us we’re being challenged and tested.

As a result, we start questioning ourselves, the world, the people around us, and our environment.

This is what happens when we go through change.

We can be quick to say : This sucks — Everything is horrible — I don’t know what to do — Nothing is right.

I mentioned last time I went to an intensive which included 2 long days of some serious downloading. I thought I was good. I had managed to follow the content with no confusion and had plenty of amazing insights. I loved it!

But a day passed, and I was grumpy. 2 days later, I got sick.

What we forget is that we are always in a state of change, and when we start to make serious changes, it can be a shock to the system — literally.

I talk about this a lot. It’s new for a lot of us, so I like to repeat it.

When we make changes and challenge our current programming or thinking, we can experience a lot of resistance, and it can come in the form of not feeling so good — whether emotionally or physically.

Money is not everything, but it touches everything. Think about it. We may want to deny it, but you will soon understand how true it is.

Money has a mind-body connection which few discuss. And this is why when we start to uplevel, make changes, go for our goals — shit hits fan.

Excuse my language, but i think you know what I mean. There can be some serious disruption. We start to make adjustments — excited, ready, but then we are suddenly confronted with a serious dose of procrastination, maybe confusion and scatteredness, overwhelm, even illness — and it all comes to a halt.

We each have an inner money set point that we have established and keeps us safe. If we step out of that “comfort zone”, we start experiencing things that keep us from moving forward and can sound like.

“I can’t decide what to focus on.”
“I feel overwhelmed.”
“I got caught up with a bunch of errands, things came up, too many things to do.”
“I don’t have time, I’m exhausted.”
“I’m in a fog.”

This can be challenging to explain because we are so use to understanding everything through our critical thinking mind, but the truth is, 90% of our mind is made up of the subconscious.

This is why it is so important to understand how it operates if you truly wish to make serious changes to your financial picture.

So many people have followed big gurus and power players without experiencing the success they expected which led them to feel like failures — defeated, disappointed, and frustrated. This has nothing to do with how intelligent and capable you are!

You must find and challenge all your worthy and deserving negative beliefs, and rewrite the negative programming with a powerful new recognition and belief in yourself. —your contributions, potential, value, and the value of your time and energy. This is why I use Tapping (EFT) with my clients to do that.

We have a lot of strong and powerful beliefs around our money and our deserving which is why it is so important to be gentle, patient, and caring with ourselves when we start making change to our financial picture.

We look at our results, circumstances, and experiences and say, “Ahh, I really want that to change. That needs to change for me to feel better.”

But it’s actually backwards.

You need to understand that it is your inner money programming that got you what you are currently experiencing right now. Our results, circumstances, and experiences are merely symptoms of what is happening in our mind.

This may sound contrary, but it’s true. Thankfully, more people are actually giving this more attention.

I encourage you, if you are feeling disappointed or down in any way around your money, please understand that you likely have a lot of negative patterns around your money.

You can change this. You truly can have, be, do anything but you must gain better understanding around your inner money programming so you can see the blindspots and start having the results you truly desire.

You have a tremendous amount of power. Start learning how to access it.

Find clarity, and the money will follow.