Money and creativity are not separate

I know you understand how important it is to have clarity around your #vision

That’s nothing new to you

And it starts with, first and foremost, you

Except maybe you’re not experiencing that on one level or another

…and maybe you once did, but you’ve started to lose the plot a little

And it’s shows up in both your $$$, your creative flow, and the people you’re attracting

You have so much you want to share, and maybe you feel overwhelmed by how to share it

Because everyone you see seems to regurgitating what their mentor or guru is saying

Even sharing the same insights, while marketing to you how to be more unique 😉

You’ve invested (…a lot even )

You’ve tried it all

The strategies, the scripts, the everything

I think I may have invested in at least 3 different sales programs

Endless marketing programs

Coaches and group programs

And yes, I learned a lot

(…as I am sure you have)

I can easily say I have invested over $25k in my business

And if you are like me, you may have bought into the headlines reporting big financial sales



…without asking more specific questions.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating financial wins, HELL YEAH

Except it’s important to understand that you’re entirely different than their last client or even your coach

And maybe they told you that it’s the high achievers and overachievers who get results

And not you

Except the truth is that they didn’t understand you

Which isn’t their fault or yours

But it’s key to understanding all the fundamental pieces that lead to the success that is defined by you

And because you’re a driven creative or entrepreneur you require a different approach than the old school

Masculine cookie cutter coaching methods that continue to get recycled through you

Instead of keying into your what makes you the inimitable force you are

And it’s important to understand because if you’re truly driven to do something, then it’s absolutely possible.

You have your own strategy and creative process

….but you just might not be connecting to it

And honestly, it’s not complicated.

Instead you need to know:

⚡how you are specifically wired on a mind/body level

which connects to your unique $$$ frequency

⚡ to go deeper into your work — it’s time to get off the surface, stop hiding, and start showing people what you’ve really got — that’s when you can turn on the endless creation

⚡know your gifts <YOUR EDGE> what makes you truly stand out and brings new insight to the work you share

(know this and showing up is never a challenge)

⚡understand without a doubt the value of your work and your bigger vision = the soul pathway

….when you lose the doubt and gain energetic clarity, anything is possible

⚡speak to the people you most want to work with which can only happen when you truly allow yourself to open up and show up, FOR REAL

And as a creative this is the stuff you understand

You know if you really want to work with your people, you need to share something else, different

Getting really close to your voice and deeply knowing the work you are meant to share

It’s never just one program or one work of art

It all comes from you, it’s an endless development and evolution

But it’s easy to get caught up in the strict methods which are not guiding you the way you need.

Whether the form or the strategy

Because you’ve already learned so much and yet a lot of it isn’t working anymore

Or the way you believe it should or know it could

Strategies do work.

But you are the lifeblood of those strategies

And they need to match up to you + your work

It all starts with you and your singular perspective

Your voice

Your gifts

What matters to you

And on the other side of your resistance is something so much more than just grinding it out like robot

Which naturally leads to you finding YOUR EDGE, showing up as the authority you are and claiming the true value of your work

While finally experiencing what your business or vision was always supposed to be

Rather than compromising

Over delivering

Or creating what you think you “have to” or “should”

Not what you love

Instead, be the empowered creator of your bigger vision.

= creativity + impact + $$$


Catherine xx