{Why you’re not letting go of what’s NOT working = > $$$}

Is now a bad time to ask you something?

Why aren’t you honoring what you want right now?

You’re not just a #business owner, that’s actually secondary to who you are and what you do.

Which is why so much of the information saturating the #market place can miss the mark.

You’ve lived far and wide, high and low

…because at the heart of it, you’re a romantic (with a driven curve)

Most know you to move to the beat of your own drum

So when business starts to eclipse that bigger #vision you have in your #mind, things feel heavy and laborious.

But it can be different

…you actually CAN have a living vision giving yourself more time while receiving more $$$

While also experiencing the #freedom and #pleasure to explore your other #interests

Because we both know you have many interests calling for your (returned) attention

Are you feeling slightly OVER IT?

And even though the #money is good, you know it could be better…much better.

Not only the amount but, more importantly, how you receive it.

Because we both know that making $$$ can either be easy or hard.

But the simple things can feel hard because we’re not letting go of something much deeper…

And as a #result, you’re not seeing what you’re not seeing

Which is there is already a way for you to be receiving more $$$ with less time (your greatest commodity)

Not to mention working with the right people in the right #opportunities

Some call it the feminine way, I call it the natural way

And even though I would love to give you a formula or a #strategy or another tactic to share what that is for you,

It would NOT be what you truly need if you are experiencing



>#undercharging $$$ and/or over delivering

>attracting the wrong #clients/opportunities

>afraid to REALLY be yourself (which relates to the above)

>unclear on why you’re not seeing the results you desire

>challenged to receive and manage your $$$

Because you have to go deeper and also more specific to understand your own wiring (#mindbody), and your own work.

And it’s not outside of you,

And you already know that those things never got to the heart of who you are and your work

Which is the whole point.

You already know you deserve the $$$ you most desire without having to trade exhaustion, overwhelm, and who you are in order to receive it

It’s just a matter of allowing yourself.

It doesn’t mean not doing the work, it means creating and doing different work.

So you can receive $$$ while doing the things you love most and are meant to share.

The choice is yours, always. 👑

Catherine xx