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  • HOW YOUR MONEY PARADIGM: specific emotional/mental programming, beliefs, and trauma related to each part of your money: income, savings, debt, bigger money goals effect how you experience your money, including your results, patterns, and stress. WHY you must get specific and invoke a specific approach -- NOT general.
  • HOW TO FINALLY DISSOLVE STRESS & ANXIETY related to money and business at the causal level so you can truly thrive and lead in new ways
  • WHAT IT REALLY TAKES TO STAND-OUT and experience fundamental authentic confidence.
  • HOW YOUR HIDDEN (UNCONSCIOUS) FEARS & RESISTANCES  related to *each* part of your money is THE pathway to activation to be seen and heard in all areas of Your Singular (Genius) Work and business
  • WHY IN ORDER TO ACTUALIZE YOUR SINGULAR (Genius) WORK, you must integrate your singular gifts and genius
  • HOW TO ELEVATE YOUR SINGULAR WORK'S DELIVERY & represent it with gravity, you must invoke ALL OF YOU #Totality
  • WHY YOU MUST GO DEEPER THAN MINDSET in order to comprehensively transform your dynamic to money, so you can make, manage, and handle 3-10+ x's more money *without* stress
  • And so much more....

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