Ready to Finally Represent Yourself and Your Singular Work the Way It Is Meant?

Ask, Receive, Manage and Handle More Money While Representing Your Singular Work with Gravity (without stress and anxiety)

A personalized comprehensive deep dive into *each* part of your money + Your Singular (Unique) Work + Your Communication and Messaging, so you can make, manage, handle more money while representing yourself with gravity and creative agency people can’t ignore….

Because you will touch people at multiple levels with your newfound dynamism and magnetism.

3 MONTH DEEP-DIVE-INTENSIVE (1:1 support) — Meow 😽

For Industry Leaders + Advanced Professional Creatives

If you have been in business or your industry for a while, some probably see you as THE expert or a leader in some sense, except you can’t help feeling the invisible weight of not quite touching down to that “other” part of you and that which you KNOW will absolutely elevate your work in a way that you have yet to actualize and represent.

You are caught in an invisible spiral of leaning on what you DO or have done and achieved, but you know you’re ready to bring so much more of yourself to the foreground.


Are you an industry leader, working in the professional creative industries or business field, and you’re fed up with feeling overlooked, seen as just “another ____”, caught in “expert” mode and not capitalizing on the more nuanced and forward-moving aspects of yourself?

This can cause you to unconsciously default to participating in the wrong arena which leads to being undervalued, whether that’s reflected in the money you’re earning compared to others in your field, or the opportunities and clients you call in.

You Want To Be Truly Seen And Heard….AND —More Importantly—   RECOGNIZED and valued in all the important ways that matter.

You’ve hit an invisible ceiling — whether creative or financial, and despite being a high earner — and maybe it’s been for a very long time. Have no shame, this is way more common than you may think or realize, especially with the highest performers, as most people do not know how to resolve the challenges that arise related to financial set points and stressful patterns or creative pressures: earn and burn, saving and investment fears/plateaus, general stress related to money and business operations, create and destroy, volatility, visibility struggles. It’s lies way deeper than the level of thought AND it requires getting really specific, going to the layered root cause and honoring ALL of  YOU.  #totality

No matter what more you learn or the number of certification you acquire, nothing seems to budge….

HINT: because you’re not honoring the most singular aspects of yourself, which is how you might be hiding in plain sight without recognizing it. It requires dropping down into the finer territory of what you are.

(But you have probably heard some form of that message before in the various self-help books and messages littering the internet.)

You know it requires something different than investing in yet another strategy, marketing, or mindset program, or left-brain linear program which keeps you spinning even more in your head! 

…something needs to change at a fundamental level, which requires you to explore something deeper, intangible, non connotative…where your potential actually lies,  and that’s not going to be found in what you’ve already tried — it’s time to take a different, strategic, and customized approach. 

What you have already tried won’t take you where you know you desire to go in order to experience not only the measurable results, but the intangible results you desire to palpably experience, perceive, and feel….which is also how your audience can see, hear, and find you.

+ You’re a Specialized Business Leader and/or a Professional Creative.

+ You have a business and clients and the work you deliver is an important value of yours

+ You value exceptional work and see Your Singular Work as the vehicle to actualize yourself in this lifetime.

You’re ready to fully see and communicate Your Singular Work while delivering exceptional results, transformation, and/or experience

This intensive experience will help you…

⚡️Finally awaken the inner fire — your inherent life force and anima — by letting go of the long held weight of pressure, anxiety, and stress, which may or may not be entirely obvious to you, by dissolving the long held (unconscious) beliefs, emotional/mental programming, and trauma related to each part of your money and cause your most frustrating and invisible patterns and “set points”.

⚡️Raise your vibration and frequency to bigger possibilities, using an evidence based, scientifically proven approach. Expand your capacity and ability to receive, handle, manage more money, clients, opportunities while performing at elevated levels, experiencing more resiliency so you can enjoy those things with less stress, pleasure, ease, and authenticity because we actively work with your nervous system which determines your internal ‘set points’. You will be on your way to feeling consistently steady which is essential for continued growth and confident expression.

⚡️Touch down, uncover, and genuinely allow *without* force or pressure your most singular, enigmatic, and “other”  parts of yourself to emerge, integrate,  and be finely expressed and *felt*. This is that which elevates and animates everything you do and express that cannot be copied even if one tried.

⚡️Awaken the Mystic, Innovator, Future Human Creator in you, allowing it to fully emerge, so you experience an entirely new way of seeing and being which can change the entire trajectory or your work and business, especially if you are feeling flat, mechanical, and experiencing a creative existential crisis….you must go here.

⚡️Experience fundamental safety/security, which is essential to genuine confidence,  so you can feel safe sharing your new vision and expression, and experience new profound presence which lead to better and more intentional decision-making that’s in sync with your higher aims, instead of fears and limitations.

⚡️Discover an entirely new understanding & dynamic to Your Singular (Genius) Work: uncover, organize, and see all of its dynamism, especially the parts you have unconsciously taken for granted or ignored.

⚡️Finally “see” and recognize how your singular gifts/lens works IN THE CONTEXT of your singular process and approach, which is *how* you deliver exceptional results, experience, or work, so you can powerfully represent it at the decibel it deserves.

⚡️Communicate and represent yourself and Your Singular Work with gravity, authority, and resonance that is both felt and heard, while having fun because you no longer feel the pressure of trying to figure out what to say or feel insecure about communicating your singular and recognizable stance.

⚡️Naturally connect to your own tone and unique style of sharing your work with confidence because you finally know how to look and think about your work in a way that allows you to share and deliver it as it is meant.

⚡️Be more open to share your most powerful singular gifts/lens and trust yourself when it comes to the decisions you make for your business, money, and your work.

⚡️Completely transform your interpersonal dynamic to each part of your money, which also affects other areas of your life, including patterns around debt, income, savings, investments, and future financial goals. You act from your current (unconscious) programming, beliefs, and identity, and therefore you cannot out perform it. You may experience new results only to return to your ‘set point’ again and again until you dissolve the cause. Why it is essential to get exact when uncover the cause and to dissolve it at multi-levels — simultaneously –: cognitive, nervous system, and emotional cellular.

⚡️Release long held trauma related to being vulnerable, seen, and heard, so you can feel open and trusting to finally be naturally visible the way you desire and deserve.

⚡️Connect your work with the right people who are excited to invest, commit, and appreciate what only you offer

⚡️Finally ask, allow, and receive the money you genuinely desire and deserve for your work without doubt or compromise, so you can once again remember why you started this venture in the first place.

⚡️Create content that claps people out of their somnambulistic spell and truly stands out from the rest because it’s inimitable and vibrates from a place of pure gravity, authority, authenticity, and sensitivity. It’s not dependent on trends; instead it’s OF you, and  your work delivers. This gives you a whole new level of confidence and courage when you share your singular viewpoints, stance, and insights.

⚡️Get super clear on the delivery of Your Singular Work, so you can experience unwavering confidence in any context or situation, including the why behind your process and how you deliver superior results/experience/transformation, which naturally informs you exactly *how* to communicate to your perfect client who is ready to commit and invest time, money, and attention. Be amazed how this injects and activates new levels of excitement, inspiration, and creative agency.

⚡️Stop sweating your message, because you finally know exactly what you and your work stand for, while also discovering how to communicate to the people who most need to hear and see you, by getting in tune with the more subtle, fine, and subconscious forms of communication and uses of language, which can wield tremendous power when you know how to use them.

⚡️No longer feel dependent on “prompts” to post or to follow other people’s content ideas. If you want to represent yourself as a true leader, you must value what you “see” and have to say. (this is where the hiding stops 😉 )

This is experienced through highly intentional and customized processes, invoking a psychosomatic approach (mind + body: nervous system, emotional cellular), which allow us to uncover and dissolve the specific programming, beliefs, trauma that cause you to unconsciously hide, hold back, delay, and compromise when it comes to designing, developing, and representing Your Singular Work while also attracting the people who are truly grateful to find you and pay you.

My clients results from R A D I C A L  R E B O O T  when it was 6 weeks long

(imagine what 3 months can do):

🌹First $20k contract after charging $3k

🌹First $9k (pay in full) after charging $2k (consolidated the length of program by more than half and increased her prices 4x’s, making it far more intentional and impactful)

🌹First $10k contract after months of no clients

🌹$20k (2 sales) marketing their work in a way that was authentic and genuine to their work after experiencing a drought and burn-out from marketing like their past mentor.

🌹Paying off years and thousands of $$ of debt couple months after our work together

🌹Finally investing in the stock market after studying it for years and experiencing a 35% return on $300k in 2020

🌹Releasing long held shame related to past bankruptcy

🌹Starting their own business after working in the finance industry for years

🌹Releasing long held shame and rage from past business betrayals and bad investments

🌹Finally resolving deep anxiety related to money and business that caused indecision, delay, and avoidance.

🌹Finally had the courage to stick up for their money and start legal proceedings to challenge fraud

🌹 From over a year of no clients to making just under $17,000.

🌹Attracting clients who are a perfect match for their work and reach out, while marketing from a fluid and authentic place.

🌹Working with 2 A-list celebrities (one is Katy Perry and another is too soon to share) after declaring the desire.

🌹Receiving a promotion and 25% raise after being stuck at an income set point between $85,000 and $100k for over a decade

🌹Released long held resentment related to past failed investments and her mother and now experiencing more peace than ever.

🌹From recently divorced to her husband to rekindling her relationship with him and feeling more in love than ever.(They officially divorced in January and were back together in March/April just at the end of our work together. She should have come to me earlier!)

🌹From being an assistant make-up artist to consistently becoming the Lead make-up artist and earning 3-4 times more her rate, including being the lead make-up artist for a person attending the Met Gala.

🌹Dissolving lifelong held resentment and anger, causing debt cycles and anxiety, and finally experiencing peace.

🌹From a long running contentious relationship with her mother to actually enjoying her mother’s company: “We have such a lovely time now.”


When I began coaching with Catherine, I was distrustful of money coming in through my business, and felt murky on what my actual work, or offerings, even were . 

Profile to this , I had been in a long (8 month )sales slump mixed in with some personal fears, as well .

 Within 12 weeks I had noticed a palpable change .  Namely , I was feeling confident in my marketing , online presence , and body of work ,again .  It was a relief to viscerally feel myself back in my body , my presence , and my power .

I also signed a 9k full pay client , booked 4 spots in a lower ticket group offering , and created $4800 of additional income from these clients .

Total financial impact ? $16,300 in new sales from our 12 week journey .  After months of almost nothing.Thank you, Catherine, for the transformation you provide.

—  Asherah Eden

“I wasn’t actively looking for support when I came across Catherine and her posts. I’m not even sure how I came across her. I invested in a life coach many years ago and read the occasional self-help book or Oprah. I wasn’t looking for what she appeared to be offering because I’ve worked in finance for years, have savings and investments I’m proud of, a good income but then she mentioned financial set points. I was up for a promotion and was feeling anxious because I had to present a brand statement and my past interviews were unsuccessful. I received my CFP certification in 2020 but my income remained relatively the same and it had been for years. I really didn’t know what else to do and thought it might just be a confidence issue. I was also experiencing a lot stress because my work load increased during the pandemic and it was disrupting my family life. Initially I was afraid to invest in support because I didn’t think I would have the time or energy. I had so little to spare. Catherine mentioned the importance of understanding your process and distinction which was what I needed to get clear for my interview. I had to share not only why I was best for the position but also how I support and advise clients. She also wrote about the causes of stress and described so much of what I was experiencing. I had no idea the work would cover what we covered. I no longer experience the anxiety I’ve been experiencing for years. I am speaking up more for myself without feeling guilt or like I should apologize when in the past I would be quiet or just stomach it. My brand statement was a big success but I didn’t get the promotion I initially interviewed for. I was disappointed and felt like giving up at first. Catherine was a huge support during that phase. I became aware of a lot of things during that time which reminded me what is most important to me, my family and well-being. A couple weeks later I received the news I was promoted to a position I didn’t even know was available and it included a 25% income increase which exceeded the other position I originally interviewed for. I now know how to work with any stress or fears that come up in my new position and I no longer have the same fears of making mistakes I once had. Thank you, Catherine!”
B. MacLean, Wealth Advisor
“Before working with Catherine, and after the pandemic, I was very stuck professionally and financially. I wanted to take things to the next level but was truly clueless. The reason I invested in Catherine, specifically, is because I trusted her 100%.
I’ve read the law of attraction books, memes, other coaches, etc and it proved superficial. That kind of work yielded temporary change, unsustainable change, change you can’t replicate, for myself and basically everyone else. The “wellness” addiction cycle was not one I was interested in.
Catherine talked about depth and complexity, and if I wanted real change in my life, it was time to go deeper. Our time working together was extensive. We covered really intense and difficult topics. She navigated my personal story in the most delicate way and isn’t afraid to go there with you. I was seeing things changing not just in my work life, but my personal life too. My relationship with my mother, which has been combative my entire life, improved; we could actually have dinner and enjoy each other. I even mended what I thought was a completely legally broken relationship with my husband. Catherine was always present, interested, supportive, and completely invested in me. Her work with me was 100% customized to me specifically. Now that our official work time is complete, I continue to have breakthroughs, learning, growing, and it’s happening at a rate I’ve never experienced.
I’ve had really great work opportunities I’ve never experienced before, higher paying jobs (sometimes 3+ x’s my usual rate), better opportunities all around. I have so much more clarity and direction, more tools I can pull from. I’m not scared anymore. I feel so much more confident in what I know I can have, so much more comfortable, and finally see who I am as a strength. New parts of me are waking up every day, and it’s really amazing.
Diana K., Fashion/Celebrity Make-up Artist, NYC
And Testimonial Update from Diana
“Life continues to only get better. My love and I are like 2 annoying teenagers who can’t get enough of each other, but with the insight of 2 adults doing the work. He’s grown in so many beautiful ways, what I had always wished for of him. And I’ve grown to be the partner he deserves.
I’m getting work opportunities I dreamed of as recently as last year, like doing makeup for someone attending the Met Gala. I continue to get higher rates with more ease (which can be as much as 3-5 times more money).
We found out our house is actually worth more than we thought, and that we can in fact afford our dream house! It feels like magic if I’m being honest. But it’s the result of genuinely doing the work. I just want to keep doing work because the outcome is everything I’ve ever wanted.”
– Diana Kraut, Celebrity/High Fashion Make-up Artist, NYC

What Is Included?:

2 mini intensives so we can dive deep and you can start experiencing the palpable changes right away!

Weekly private coaching calls over the span of 3 months which highly customized to you and Your Singular Work.

Unlimited private messaging and emails (with conditions).

R A D I C A L  R E B O O T (in detail)

🌹First Family Paradigm

Uncover and identify your specific primary (unconscious) programming —  starting the first ~ 7 years of your life — when you learned the ‘rules’ of life related to money and connects to safety/security, love, and self-image. Develop and truly experience true safety and security in your inner life which is what sound confidence actually is.

The first 7 years of your life is when your (unconscious) internal ‘set points’ related to money first develop, especially related to income, savings & investments, despite not really knowing what money really is.  This early programming can cause financial beliefs and patterns related to how hard you work, what you do, who you believe you have to or can be, ease, pleasure, how much you can earn and how, etc. Once again, this can operate very unconsciously, but your nervous system forgets nothing and why I use intentional processes to uncover the exact (emotional/mental) programming.

🌹Elevate and deepen your communication, content, & organization of Your Singular Work and how you’re currently representing yourself vs. how you’re genuinely meant to represent yourself.

This is an important area most people experience shyness and it has everything to do with the clients and opportunities you call in.

Most people overcomplicate this because of programming (and trauma) & lack of clarity of Your Singular (Genius) Work, and how you deliver results is an important part of your singular distinction

🌹Identify and dissolve first layers of financial trauma which can cause unconscious hold backs, inner conflicts/battles (with self and others), inconsistent and erratic financial patterns such as overwhelming debt, volatility, repeated poor investments, protective and mysterious ‘survival patterns’ related to asking for more money, fear of losing money, allowing support, being  vulnerability, or cause “soldiering on”, frustration, low deserving levels, NO receiving, NO reward.

Instead, pure creative energy and drive to fuel action AND your pure ability to allow and receive reward: pleasure, money, love, relaxation, validation that you truly and deeply desire in balance to your giving.

🌹Uncover and discover your most forgotten needs/wants/desires you have unconsciously shut down which causes unnecessary rigidity, perfectionism, need for control, abstinence from pleasure and ease, creative constipation and hesitation, lowered internal deserving levels: money, love, recognition, attention, lack of support, and dismissal of what’s truly possible for you and Your Singular Work. This is where true intimacy lies for others to connect to you and what you offer, but it can feel terrifying for most as this is truly what makes you both a force to be reckoned with and stand-out.

🌹Refine your communication and messaging (in all forms: textual, video, visual, spoken) so *how* you represent yourself feels solid, genuine, and fluid without second-guessing or doubting yourself.

Further integrate what we cover in previous weeks so you communicate with clarity, gravity, and authority of Your Singular Work. Effectively start sharing and weaving different aspects of your work so you can give your work the form it deserves, and so your future clients and collaborators experience the dynamism that is Your Singular Work and, therefore, are ready to work with you.

Experience more confidence and unstoppable authority in your work and what you choose to express and share without overthinking.

This is a highly transformative experience, taking a comprehensive psychosomatic approach with palpable and perceptible results.


(When I say body + mind, I mean it!)

1st Level Resistances related to money: manifests life patterns of “I never really feel safe” that are filled with scarcity, fear, anxiousness, disappointment, lack

When resolved: of physical and magnetic power of creating actual wealth, ease, physical strength in your body and true safety and security in your life inner feeling.

Side Benefits:

Health/Physical issues – anxiety, knee pain, UTI’s, IBS and bowel sensitivities, prostrate, arthritis, immune system

Relationship/Intimacy “Side Benefits” – Being more present, felt, in your body, affectionate, charged for sexuality, connected to people

2nd Level – Receiving
2nd Level Resistances: manifests life patterns of “work hard, do it all myself, never be weak” that are filled with sacrificing, “soldiering on”, frustration and NO receiving, NO reward.

When resolved: pure creative energy and drive to fuel action AND your pure ability to allow and receive reward, pleasure, money, wealth, love, joy, relaxation, prestige, validation that you truly and deeply desire in balance to your giving.

Side Benefits:

Health/Physical issues – high blood pressure, digestive problems, diabetes, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, liver, pancreas problems

Relationship/Intimacy “Side benefits” – Confidence, swagger, feeling
sexy, ready to adore and be adored, magnetic to friends

3rd Level – Empowered Action
3rd Level Resistances: manifests life patterns of “doing, giving, achieving, hoping for reward” – filled with procrastination and fear of criticism when trying to SHINE with your true greatness and charge your worth boldly.

When resolved: fire becomes courage and self-belief/confidence to push through the fear of the unknown and take big, bold, fearless action, taking the real steps to your dreams and financial goals which can be experienced as financial leaps

Side Benefits:

Health/Physical– high blood pressure, digestive problems, diabetes,

Exhaustion, chronic fatigue, liver, pancreas problems

Relationship/Intimacy “Side benefits” – Confidence, swagger, feeling sexy, ready to adore and be adored, magnetic to friends

4th Level — Pure Deserving

4th Level Resistances: manifests life patterns of “disappointed in myself because I should have done it better, known better, been stronger” that are filled with endless cycles of striving to prove you’re good enough related to money over and over. This can often relate to past financial trauma such as bankruptcy, business failings, battles, past investments, etc which we can greatly affect your current financial results in your income, savings, and investments in uncanny ways, including what connects to those results.

When resolved: of wisdom and self-love-in-action that heals and restores your body and being, and turns everything and everyone in your life into co- conspirators, cheerleaders and concrete evidence of your pure and unique, soul-level, unshakeable deserving. People are naturally drawn to you because they can FEEL and experience your authenticity. You drop any perfectionism or need to “do it right” or “perfect” which leads to opening up to entirely new opportunities and allowing yourself to be truly seen for the powerful work you share.

Side Benefits:

Health and physical issues – Heart problems, Back and shoulder pain, lung/breast problems, asthma, loneliness

Relationship/Intimacy “Side benefits” – feeling love arise and flow from within, joyfulness, “activated self-compassion”, forgiveness and trust flow freely in space of true heart intimacy

5th Level — Directing Creation

5th Level Resistances: (rising up so-to-speak) that manifests life patterns that flow from downplaying your gifts, holding back your truth, not setting boundaries, speaking the cynical and skeptical “false truth” (internally and externally) of your programming, fears and limitations about yourself and what is possible when it comes to the higher potential what you can earn and what is truly possible for you and your work.

When resolved: the choice and creation that bridges the gap from imagining your dreams and goals to the start of physical manifestation process as we joyfully and courageously affirm both to yourself and to the world your true dreams, goals, gifts and human flaws as part of your unique value and nature.

Side Benefits:

Health and physical– Neck pain, TMJ, headaches, sore throats, Thyroid problems

Relationship/Intimacy Benefits – clear, honest communication, saying yes and no when you mean it, releasing old relationship baggage and affirming a new deeper love and connection where needs are honestly expressed and heard.

6th and 7th Level — Vision, Spiritual Guidance and Miracles Resistances:

6th & 7th Level Resistances: (rising from lower levels) that manifests life patterns that flow from seeing everything through your resistances and fears – that your dreams are impossible or your bigger financial goals are out of reach, miracles don’t exist and that you are not ready yet or inadequate and too flawed to make dreams become reality.

When resolved: that allows you to hear inspiration and your own intuition and clearly see new visions at each phase of life that gives your intelligence, creativity, drive and gifts a focus to manifest goals, while allowing divine guidance and unexpected miracles to co-create joyful accomplishments, relationships and experiences.

Side Benefits:

Health and physical 6th and 7th chakra issues – Headaches, migraines, nerve pain, trouble sleeping, depression, mood disorders (Pineal gland), difficulty focusing

Relationship/Intimacy Benefits – openness to connection instead of feeling isolated and lonely.


12 WEEKS, including 2 mini intensives followed by weekly calls and ongoing email support to get to the root (layered) cause of your deepest and finest resistances and hold back (I truly mean this as it is that which can make the greatest difference in what and how you create and represent Your Singular Work, especially as you become more elevated in your field and work). I offer intentional processes and a multi-level: cognitive, nervous system, and emotional cellular psychosomatic approach to line up the advanced interpersonal work with the valuable conceptual and applied structure of your work.

This is for all levels of business, including and especially those who are financially successful and feel like you’re running on empty, experiencing anxiety, and/or needing to experience a profound creative and energetic RADICAL REBOOT 😉

After payment I will reach out to you to schedule a 30 minute connection call to determine your official start date.

3 months
FULL PAYMENT:  $10,000